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We Can Fix It Almost As Fast As You Can Break It.

We do fast phone repair. In most cases, technicians will be able to repair your device in just minutes, we’ll normally get your phone in and out in 45 minutes or less.

Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard Replacement If your laptop has missing keys or if it is sticky, then talk to us at Comfort Mobile Saskatoon and we can deliver the right solution for you.…

Laptop Water Damage Repair

Spilling water or other things on a laptop is a common problem.

Laptop Hinges Repair

Many people who use a laptop on a regular basis have to deal with unforeseen issues when they are working in their office or in their home

Laptop Screen Replacement

Many people who have a cracked a laptop screen believe that it is the end of the laptop. Manufacturers will not offer a warranty for accidental damage

Computer / Laptop Repair service

You will need professional computer service in case your laptop or desktop starts malfunctioning. Whether you need your laptop or desktop for creative projects...

Virus Removal

If your computer is suffering from spyware or viruses, then you may have to deal with many performance problems

Comfort Mobile

We Can Fix It!

Our prices for iPhone repairs are competitive with anyone in the city. We repair cracked screens for all models of iPhones and repair broken buttons, speakers and cameras as well. Cracked screen on your new iPhone? We fix that.

  • 1 ) Screen Replacement

  • 2 ) Battery Replacement

  • 3 ) Home Button Repair

  • 4 ) Speaker Repair

  • 5 ) Camera Repair

  • 6 ) Water damage

Comfort Mobile

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